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Team Leadership

The formation of Alokasetu marks a significant point in the development of the Triratna women’s ordination training program in the US and Canada. In previous years, we had senior order members flying in from across the country and from the UK to lead our retreats. Karunadevi in particular has dedicated most of her order life to supporting these efforts – and for that we are all very grateful. 


In 2019, we created the Training for Ordination (TFO) Coordinating Team to transition from one generation to the next. It currently consists of four order members who collectively serve as a planning and communications hub for all TFO activities. Their role includes planning the annual retreat schedule and themes, organizing retreat teams, and providing access to resources and materials related to ordination training. They do all this by working closely with the Private Preceptors and Public Preceptor Kula for our region. 


In 2021-2022, we formed a new non-profit organization called Triratna Ordination Training, Inc. along with our virtual retreat center named Alokasetu. This entity provides legal and financial oversight of our ordination training program, and also allows its board to take a more strategic view of our activities. We also created an Alokasetu Mandala of Support as an umbrella fund over the previously separate Bridge of Light, Cintamani, and Succession Funds.


New Ordination Team, Summer 2023


We now have a newly-formed Ordination Team for women in the US and Canada. This team not only takes the place of what was formerly the Coordinating Team, but will also play a bigger role in steering the ordination process going forward. The new team currently consists of Amala, as the Public Preceptor for our region, and Aryadrishti, Padmatara, Sunada, and Viriyalila as Private Preceptor representatives. 

While this team will be steering the overall ordination training process, there will be separate dedicated Retreat Teams leading the retreats and events. These retreat teams will be composed of Preceptors and Dharmacharinis from across the US and Canada, and also from the UK. You will have the opportunity to meet and work with many women Order Members as you go through your training process. 


The Alokasetu Trustees consists of Viriyalila (Chair), Karunadevi (Treasurer), Padmadharini, Padmatara, and Sunada.


The Preceptors in US/Canada are Amala, Aryadrishti, Ashokashri, Dayalocana, Dayanandi, Dharmasuri, Karunadevi, Padmadharini, Padmatara, Sunada, Taraprabha, Vimalasara, Viriyalila, and Viveka.


The Public Preceptor Kula for US/Canada is Amala, Ashokashri, Dayanandi, Karunadevi, Paramachitta, and Parami.

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