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Supporting the cost of ordination training

We intentionally keep our retreat fees low to allow as many as possible to attend. However, in-person retreat fees typically cover only direct room and board expenses for the attendee. Additional costs include expenses for the team, such as their retreat fees, travel costs, time spent for planning, and more. We rely on donations and online event/retreat fees to make up the difference. 

Can you help us sustain a strong and healthy ordination training process?

A monthly unrestricted donation is most needed and appreciated. It enables us to plan ahead knowing what income we have coming in. Please consider signing up for a monthly gift of $10 or more. This is entitled the Alokasetu General Fund and coincides with Bridge of Light.

Money is energy, as they say at Tiratnaloka. Your donation fuels energy in pursuit of the good!

Alokasetu/Bridge of Light is a project of Triratna Ordination Training, Inc., a 501c(3) charity with Tax ID 86-3813149.

All donations are tax deductible.

If you prefer to support specific projects, you can give to one of two sub-funds below. 

Succession Fund: Supporting preceptor training costs

The succession fund helps to cover expenses to train and support our next generation of preceptors. The good news is that the ordination training program in our area is lively and strong. The challenge, however, is that we need a growing team of preceptors to guide the process. For many years, it was a small handful of women, primarily Karunadevi, who skillfully led this effort. The next generation needs training and support in the form of preceptor retreats, travel, and other such activities. Donations can be made specifically to this Succession Fund if you wish to support this effort. 

Chintamani Fund: Supporting Mitras to attend retreats 

The Chintamani Fund supports women who are in need of financial assistance to attend a GFR retreat. Cintamani means 'wish-fulfilling jewel' in Sanskrit. This fund is used to support partial payment of GFR and ordination retreat costs and travel. Donations can be made specifically to this fund if you wish to support your mitra sisters to deepen their practice and explore their commitment to the principles and practices of our Order. If you'd like to apply for support from this fund, go to Chintamani Requests.

End-of-Retreat Dana: For Retreat Leadership Team

The “end-of-retreat dana” collected as a thank you gift for our retreat leaders is totally separate from the Funds described above. For online retreats, dana will be collected online. For both in-person and hybrid retreats, there will be the option to give cash or donate online. Donations received before a retreat — and up to one week after a retreat — will be divided between retreat leaders (including cooks), some of whom choose to donate their share to Alokasetu/Triratna funds. While it is lovely for GFR Mitras to want to thank our volunteer retreat leaders, please remember that the highest priority is for the Bridge of Light/Alokasetu General Fund to have enough funds to cover teacher travel and retreat expenses.   

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