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Retreat Materials

System of Practice

REQUIRED PREPARATION (for BOTH Aryaloka + Dharmadhara Retreats)




  1. Subhuti (2012): Initiation Into a New Life

  2. Sangharakshita (1976):  Extract from The Precious Garland Seminar published in A System of Meditation - Revisited, Appendix 3, Cittapala



  1. Table 1: Sangharakshita’s A System of Meditation from A System of Meditation - Revisited by Cittapala 

  2. Triratna System of Practice graphic 

  3. Five Dimensions of Dharma Life 


Audio Talks: 


We’ve curated a selection of talks, primarily by Dharmacharinis, on the System of Practice. We’d like you to listen to one (or more) of these, and reflect on how it might apply to your practice. Some of the links below will open into a multi-part series, you are welcome to listen to just one part, or more as time allows.  

(All links open in Free Buddhist Audio)


  1. Jvalamalini 

    1. Mandala of Practice (2018)

    2. Sangha as an Insight Practice (2010)

    3. Spiritual Rebirth: Dancing With Life  (2015)

  2. Vajratara 

    1. Integration and Positive Emotion (2018)

    2. Spiritual Death and Rebirth (2018)

  3. Parami The Awakening Heart (2006)

  4. Samantabhadri Luminous Love (2012)

  5. Suryadarshini Fear, Risk and Spiritual Death (2017) 

  6. Singhashri Path as Symbol (Retreat Series, 2018)  

  7. Danadasa Change Your Story, Change Your Life (Series, 2019). 




  1. Sangharakshita System of Meditation (audio), Transcription (PDF)  (1978)

  2. Cittapala A System of Meditation - Revisited (2003) 

  3. Dayajoti & Saddhanandi Metta and Insight (Retreat Series, 2015)

*Please ensure you read and listen through these materials before the retreat and come prepared with questions and areas for discussion for your study group, as this will help you and others get the most from the retreat.  


**Additionally, for the Aryaloka retreat, the team invites each of you to select one of the aspects, or stages, of the System of Practice - integration, positive emotion, spiritual receptivity, spiritual death, spiritual rebirth - and prepare a 10-minute talk using the preparation materials provided above. In early March we will ask you to ‘sign up’ for the Aspect you have chosen to prepare. Please note that giving a talk isn’t required; there will be other ways to participate if this is not something you wish to do. If you have any questions, please ask a team member, or email the team at

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