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Invitation to share a practice review

One of the aspects of training for ordination is reflecting on your practice and communicating it with those who are supporting you. As part of this process, we invite you to write an Annual Practice Review. We typically do this every fall, though you could do this anytime. As a team we find these reviews helpful to get to know more about you and your practice as it is currently unfolding. If you are new to the ordination training process, you may wish to attend a few retreats before you write a review.


Please refer to our region's Ordination Training Handbook. Here, you'll find information about practice reviews on page 10. Also, the appendixes offer three different suggestions for approaching this. Please note this document has been updated with the Eight Guidelines for ordination training.


If this is your first time writing a practice review you may find it helpful to talk it through with an Order member who knows you well. Please email your practice review to the Ordination Team at and include your name + date in the file name. They are generally kept confidential, being shared only with Order Members working on the GFR Retreats as well as the Public Preceptor kula. We encourage you to share it with those Order members supporting you in your ordination training process (such as your preceptor, kalyana mitras and ordination kula, if you have them at this point in your process).


Thank you for sharing yourselves with us. We look forward to a continued deepening of friendship and shared going for refuge with each of you.


May you be continually inspired by the Three Jewels!


Ordination Team 

Amala, Aryadrishti, Padmatara, Sunada and Viriyalila


Public Preceptor Kula:

Amala, Ashokashri, Dayanandi


Private Preceptors in our Area: All of the above, plus Dharmasuri, Padmadharini, Taraprabha and Vimalasara.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please let us know via email to

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